How Did These 3 Average Joes Go From Pull Aways and Disrespect… 

To Having Women Completely Wrapped Around Their Finger…

Despite Lacking Looks, Money and Status?


Discover the same Ultimate Ladies Man™  techniques these men used to transcend the redpill and get a loyal, submissive partner who offers all the sex they can handle. Doesn’t matter if you’re short, old, ugly, young, fat, skinny, awkward, lack status or are an inexperienced virgin…


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My brother,

If you’re “average” or below and you want the type of woman who will cook and clean for you… who will be excited to jump into bed with you at a moment's notice… and loves to serve you because she believes you’re the only man for her…

Then play close attention to these transformations :

“I almost ended up in a police case”


Trevon BEFORE:

When Trevon started he was stuck in a toxic relationship, depressed, in the house all the time. The girl he was seeing was talking to other guys at her job without his permission. Overtime, the disrespect got completely out of hand. It got so bad that the girl was falsely accusing him for violence almost getting him thrown in jail. 


Trevon discovered the secrets to getting complete trust and loyalty. He started working on his body. Taking on new career skills. Got a new job. The disrespectful chick would try and throw him off the course content because she was losing leverage. Using the methods, he overcame his fears and got a girl to his place on the same night they met!


Overtime, his ex-girlfriend saw his improvements and wanted to come back into the relationship. He said “No”. Revenge ;). He ended up settling down into a long term relationship where he’s now a new dad with a submissive girl. He now knows when and how to check his woman, and he’s not afraid to do it. He enjoys a happy healthy relationship in a stable home.


“This is something we all want as men”



Jason could talk to women and have sex here and there, but couldn’t get it consistently. “I couldn’t get them to pour into me.” He heard that you could get women to serve but didn’t know how. He spent hundreds with redpill dating coaches but when he applied the advice it never worked. 


Going into the material, Jason discovered the secrets of female psychology and learned how to push all the feminine buttons to get what he wants. Sex. Submission. Servitude. “Felt like I was learning a cheat code”. When he applied the secrets he got results. For example, he’s had girls who want to buy him food consistently. He’s had a girl drive to get him from the airport in the middle of a storm. Overall women are helping him outside of the bedroom now. 


After the course, Jason noticed he had so much more respect for himself. He’s able to get women to follow his lead and submit to his plan. He’s able to approach anyone. He can avoid all kinds of shit tests and manipulation that he used to fall prey to. Women have become so easy that he feels he can get one whenever he wants.


“Homies want to know my secret now”

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While living with his girlfriend of 7 years, Eric got into a motorbike accident. His girlfriend who he thought would look after him didn't take care of him in any way. Not only did she not take care of him, she left him when he broke his leg. It was a gut punch that showed he did not know his way around women as much as he thought. 



Using the material, Eric learned how to hit certain female hormones and become the “dope”. Everything clicked for him and he scored on the first night. After a while, he got a new submissive girlfriend who constantly wants to take him to eat and spoil him. It was a big shift from being left for dead by the ex. “Homies want to know my secret now haha”. 



Once the course was done Eric noticed that he somehow became the leader of all his friend groups. It wasn’t planned. Just naturally happened as a man with high self esteem. His girlfriend is completely on his program and the friend who was good with women is now getting tips from him. He finally “feels like the main character in my own movie, and things are going the way I expect them to”. With his new reality as a man who has mastered women, he’s really really excited to build. 


Now if you’re like most guys, you’re probably wondering why these men have found success here when they couldn’t elsewhere. 


There could be many reasons. But I believe the biggest reason is because I understand this “new” type of woman that’s going around: 


The Modern Woman. 


I say “new” because it’s new for 99% men but not for anyone from my home. (More on that later.)

Once I give my students the Game, for these new women, my students get them to fall completely in their frame and live a stable happy relationship. 

My educated guess on why YOU haven’t had the kind of success my students have is because: 

You learned “techniques”, “systems” and “frameworks” that were developed by guys who simply aren’t used to the new era of female empowerment. 

Some of these coaches are retiring. And no wonder.

What they learned as a kid growing up, or what they learned originally from a “natural”...


Just Doesn’t Work For Today’s New Dating Market!

Look, I’m not saying women at their core are different. 

That’s wrong.

But what I am saying is the way you come at them, and put your Game down has to match the delusional thinking we all deal with. 

Now you might be thinking:

“This is interesting, King Dre, but how do I know YOU - of all people - are the right person to learn from?”

And my answer to that fair question is…

If I Didn’t Know Game That Works On Women Who Have All The Power, I Would Have Starved To Death!

It’s not hyperbolic by any means. 

For me, learning Game was more than a way of life. It was…

A matter of life and death.

Just look at me at age 18:

I was homeless, at rock bottom. 

I couldn’t live with my mother (long story). 

My father was locked up in jail. 

I had no job opportunities, special degrees or skills, meaning…

I had no way to eat. 

The only way I could survive was getting resources from women. They were the ones with all the resources and the power. 

If I needed to find a place to stay, the only way I could do that was by putting my game down on a girl who had an apartment. 

If I needed food, the only way I could get a meal was by putting game down on a chick willing to share. 

If I needed cash, I had to run Game on those with money. 

It was a pathetic situation. But it was my truth. 

To be blunt…

The only way I could get anything I wanted - sex, food, shelter, a phone call, a ride to a location, a place to run business - was to get it from a competent woman who had the means to give it to me. 

This is what gave me all the motivation to 

Completely Conquer Women And Understand All The Inner Workings Of A Woman’s Mind.

I became good. 

Really good. 

Though it wasn’t without getting embarrassed and almost losing my life to violence. 

Eventually, through trial by fire, my skills took me to places most men couldn’t go.

I was able to pull off shit that would confuse most men. 

For example:

I’ve had women drive 3 hours, and travel hundreds of miles just to see me, despite being in prison. 

I had girls spend their entire paycheck to feed me and my friends tacos because she wanted to. 

I even had women risk their lives for me, in terrifying situations that would scare even the strongest of men.

I wasn’t tall. Wasn’t an athlete. Not the best looking. Didn’t have muscles. No car. No home. And had absolutely no money to my name. 


I was STILL able to…

Get Women With A Tough Exterior To Fall In My Frame And Submit To Me. 

That’s why I know you can do this too. 

Especially with how much time, money and effort I’ve poured into making this easy to learn. 


Making women submit to you in this new era isn’t hard IF you know what to do. 

And from my research of looking at all the other solutions out there…

I’ve found that they’re either incomplete… outdated… or overcomplicating some basic ideas. 

(That’s just my opinion. No disrespect to other coaches and their hard work.)

But if you’re willing to keep an open mind, hearing information you’ve never come across…

If you’re someone who wants to end his dry spell and have sex on demand… and have power over women that most men can only fantasize about…

If you’re tired of fighting women and just want a girl who falls into your frame effortlessly this year… next year… and every single year after that…

Then consider:

The NEW Ultimate Ladies Man


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The Ultimate Ladies Man Dating System

  • How to get women to sleep with you even if you’re short, fat, broke, old, or an awkward virgin.
  • Never use a “texting script” again! Use the 5 Simple Texting Commandments to get what you want from women whether its dates, sex or long term initimacy.  (Most dating coaches overcomplicate this.)
  • How to avoid giving boyfriend vibes (for easy sex) even if you’ve always been in a relationship, you’re a career simp, and don’t have a “bad boy” bone in you.
  • Tired of getting flaked on? Here’s 12 “player-approved” Flake Prevention techniques. Technique #1 is so simple and effective you’ll be mad you didn’t think of it yourself!
  • 3 places you should NEVER take a woman on a first date. Plus, 7 date spots that are ideal for both you AND her.
  • How to protect your time from attention whores, time wasters and professional daters by understanding their manipulative phrases and language. Phrase #4 alone will save you months, if not years!
  • 5 things you must avoid doing on dates to have any chance to sleep with her. This will signal your high value, and make her want to chase YOU.
  • The Closer’s Mentality and how to seal the deal even if you’re an awkward virgin who’s used to getting his fill on Pornhub.
  • The simple ways to prepare your home so she knows it’s “bedroom time”. Take this seriously or you will kill the whole vibe before it starts.
  • Exactly what to do and what to say when she says: “Let’s take it slow” and “I need space”... or when you know the relationship is heading in the wrong direction.


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How To Make A Woman Fall In Love And Obsess Over You

  • How to get women to desire you forever with the “Vacation Getaway” technique. Married men pay close attention, or risk becoming another divorce statistic!
  • The Player secrets to making yourself irreplaceable to her, no matter how many dudes she finds on the apps. (This will signal to her you are NOT an average man.)
  • How to eliminate your competition anxiety around other high value men by turning her hypergamous nature against her - these techniques may seem dark on the surface, but it keeps the relationship the way SHE wants it.
  • The real reasons why so many married men have sexless marriages and how to get her back in bed with the “Playerism Investment” technique.
  • Use This With Caution: Stupid simple and effective ways to trigger the 4 “love chemicals” in her brain to make her obsess over you. 
  • How to make any woman submissive and fall completely in your frame even if she’s a pink-haired feminist. These never before discussed techniques remove her “feminist shell” letting you play with the feminine girl within.
  • What you MUST communicate to every woman you interact with in order to keep control of the relationship (hint: do NOT be a dictator, or a simp).
  • How to keep both you and your woman happy over a long term marriage or relationship: Get this “DSUA” framework wrong and you may as well not try at all.
  • The easiest way to kill all your hard work in building a long successful relationship. (If you think it’s simp behavior, neediness, or money making habits you’re not wrong, but you’re also not 100% right).
  • Never compromise THIS in a relationship unless you’re ready for it to end! (Once I made this a priority, women always came back begging for more.)


Video Poster Image
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The Ultimate Ladies Man Full Stack is the only complete package on the internet designed to help men of all ages - virgins to career players - get beautiful women to date, love and obsess over you… even if they’re indoctrinated by modern feminism.

It’s made for the modern dating environment where women PERCEIVE to have more leverage than they actually have. It’s made for the man who is hyper-busy… just wants the “meat” without any fluff… and is ready to…



Specifically, it will teach you: 

How to approach beautiful women with genuine, honest confidence (even if you’ve tried many times before and never gotten a number).

How to get women to a date, then into bed (even if you’re an awkward virgin who’s never been on a date and generally fears women).

And finally…

How to keep women attracted to and fawning over you in a marriage or long term relationship (without giving up your manhood or falling into her frame).

This complete package is a sum of not 1… not 2… but 3 of my best courses with a BRAND NEW addition to the mix!

It’s designed so that you never have to buy another course on women ever again

Here’s how it’s broken down:

Attraction 101

  • How to avoid giving the “I’m broke and dusty” vibe that instantly repels women of all ages even if you’re wearing nice clothes and shoes.

  •  The “Deadly Combo” of attracting any woman, in any place whether it be at the gym, club, grocery store, restaurant, coffee shop, outside in nature or even someone’s home.

  •  How to destroy your chances of sleeping with her before you say a word (hint: this doesn’t have to do with confidence, competence, your vibe or how much money you make.)

  •  The real reason why the right shoes can get women hot and horny for you

  •  What you absolutely MUST do if you want a shot with as many beautiful women as possible. (Hint: while rejection would be a good answer, it’s not what I’m talking about.)

  •  The 9 principles of creating a magnetic personality that fits the most authentic version of YOU - no need for gimmicks, hacks or tricks… you just have to know how to highlight your attractive elements that are already buried within you.

  •  The Ultimate Playerism Secret to remove neediness once and for all. 

  •  The little-known 4 Pillars of Unshakeable Confidence that separates the boys from the men - master these and women will melt into your hand, guaranteed!

  •  The ONE thing you need to avoid women using you, spitting you out, and never sleeping with you (Hint: it’s not money or game)

  •  The easiest way to get hustled by even the most “harmless” women and how to avoid it from the first date.

Here’s How This All Works

There are 4 Main Sections you get with The Ultimate Ladies Man FULL STACK:

Section 1: The 4 Courses - one completely BRAND NEW  - 

  •  Attraction 101
  • The Ultimate Ladies Man 
  • How To Make A Woman Fall In Love And Obsess Over You. 
  • And the NEW How To Make The Modern Woman Submissive

If you’ve ever bought any of my products you know how accessible, insightful and detailed these courses are. These videos are made in a way that allows you to consume them on the go, in your car, at work (as long as your boss doesn’t see it) or from the comfort of your own home. 

The number one comment I get about my courses is that it is all meat, with no fluff. I did this because we are busy as men, and I don’t want you to waste time looking for a section that you need to review. These courses were made so you can review the lessons over and over again so you have mastery over the Game Muscles you’re developing. 

Just login, find the video topic you need to reference again, and get the knowledge and insights you need to make permanent changes to your dating, sex life, and relationships. 


Section 2: The Eight 2+ hour FULL STACK Webinars

Starting on Nov 21st at 9pm EST

There’s few things more frustrating than buying something with your hard earned money, going through the material, and being unable to ask questions that are specific to your unique situation. 

That’s why we have 5 FULL STACK Webinars to not only answer your questions on the material, but to also get even deeper insights into the material with the help of a few secret guests of mine (hint: 3 of them have youtube channels in the space). 

These webinars tend to be long, and detailed because nuances matter when it comes to women, and we need to go deep to make sure you get what you paid for.


Section 3: 12 Ask Me Anything Monthly Webinars That Pop Up Twice A Month.

Like I said earlier, I want this to be the last time you ever by a course on dating, and Gaming women for the rest of your life. 

The reality is, as you level up your Game you will develop different problems as you continue on your journey of mastering women. 

For example, you may suck at dating first, then get really good. But once you know how to date well, the next obstacle could be retention. How do you keep her in your frame? How do you keep her interested? 

While these questions all get answered in the course, it’s always beneficial to see other guys get coached on real life situations so you know what to do when it happens to you. 

These Zoom calls will be once a month, and they are anything but politically correct. I think you’ll like them a lot. 


Section 4: 6 months Access to The Player's Club.

If having the webinar support wasn’t enough, I wanted to make sure that you always had a way to answer your toughest questions. 

The Players Club is an online community for men, designed by men who want a shortcut to getting AND keeping all the women they desire. 

It’s for guys who are sick and tired of being frustrated by not being able to get their desired results in the modern dating arena. It’s for men who want women to cook, clean, and take care of them after a long battle at work. If you believe there are ways to unlock a woman’s mind so she ignores all her other suitors and is completely obsessed with you, this is for you.

This is not like other dating communities where the leader shows up once in a while letting the paid students do all the teaching and heavy lifting for him. 

You’re Probably Wondering How Much This Costs

Here’s a question:

How much time and money have you already spent on bad dates, flakes, a serious break up or god forbid… a divorce?

For most men, who’ve been taking this seriously it’s AT LEAST hundreds of dollars. More likely to be in the thousands if you’ve taken women on dates.

The sad part is that, until they have the modern answers for modern women, they will continue to spend and waste time, getting the same results over… and over… and over until they throw their hands up and say:

“I’m never going to get it.”


Most guys who don’t spend the money to learn this stuff, will NEVER get it. 

How could they?

Especially when all the help out there is coming from coaches who rather grow their subscribers than deliver real solutions for real problems. 

We’re beginning to see that these skills to melt a woman’s feminist exterior…and get the soft feminine woman within…

Is both rare and in demand. 

Ask yourself…

What would it be worth to be considered the guy who “gets it”?

The guy who women don’t want to tell their friends about because she wants to keep him for herself…

The one she is afraid her friends will steal…

The man guys want to be and girls want to f***.

I think if we’re being reasonable…

If you factor in all the money you’ve already spent, and all the money you WOULD spend through dating, long term relationships, marriage or god forbid, divorce…

It is easily worth $10,000 over your lifetime.

Especially when you consider how fast my students are getting results. 

Plus, I selfishly want you to get results fast so I can ask you for a testimonial like this…

I am not going to charge thousands of dollars.

You get ALL 4 courses… Attraction 101, The Ultimate Ladies Man, How To Make A Woman Love and Obsess Over You…

And the BRAND NEW How To Make The Modern Woman Submissive.

The 5 FULL STACK WEBINARS with secret guests to help you on everything from dating, sex and retention… 

24 Ask Me Anything Webinars throughout the year…

And 6 months membership to The Player's Club a community of like-minded men…

For a measly price of:


Enroll Now

 What About My Guarantee For My Hard Earned Money King Dre?

Go ahead and watch this:

Video Poster Image

Like Eric Thomas said…

You owe it to yourself to get this material.

You deserve to have women in your life. Good women. The type of women who other guys would be envious of.

You deserve the right to have women fall into your frame. To feel like a man as she gives you the nurturing side of her.

However to get what you want… you need to show up. 

Not for me, or your friends, family or co workers.

You need to show up FOR YOU.

I don’t want you to come in with one foot out the door, ready to give up as soon as you run into something difficult. 

Hell, that behavior may even be why you’ve been struggling with women up to this point.

I want you to come in with a FULL commitment. 


Because that’s what I am going to give you. 

I am spending my personal time with you. I will be there at the webinars answering your question. I will pour my life energy into you. 

I Will Give Everything I Have To Offer Because The Only Time I Win Is When YOU Win. 

I actually give a s*** on whether or not you succeed.

So if I am willing to commit, show up at the webinars and give you my all…

Doesn’t it make sense you do the same for yourself?

On another note, I want to prevent assholes from stealing my stuff and asking for a chargeback. Because quite frankly, once you “see” this material, you’ve learned it. You cannot “unsee” it. 

That’s why there are no refunds for this material. 

So if the 4 courses, my personal time with you, and the community of like minded men is not enough for you…

Let me sweeten the deal with…

BONUS #1 How To Turn B*** Out With Mac The Day Gamer. Value: $200

NSFW. Mac The Day Gamer shows how “harmless” women actually are with his receipts of all his escapades. This presentation reveals the true dark side of women and what you can do as a man to tap into her wild side. 

BONUS #2 - Dominant Masculine Presence With RP Thor. Value: $200

If you were raised by a single mom, or grew up without a strong father figure, RP Thor’s presentation on dominant masculine presence is one you cannot skip. Thor distills decades of wisdom to you in a politically incorrect way, the way guys like it. If you ever felt like you give off “beta energy” this presentation will help you cure it fast.

BONUS #3 - Sex Is Sales With John from Modern Life Dating. Value: $200

A lot of dating coaches tend to overcomplicate the dating process and how to get women into bed. At the end of the day, getting sex is just a skill. And MLD is one of the best online at simplifying what you need to do to get you from date to in bed.

BONUS #4 - Take Her Soul With Afi Kingdom. Value: $200

Afi is known for one thing better than anything else in the black manosphere: Deep, dark psychological techniques to captivate a woman’s mind. If you want to flip the script on women, and use all the techniques women use on us back on them, you’ll love this presentation. Afi’s energy is contagious, and puts you in the right mindset to get everything you want from women.

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Why You Need To Act Right Now

I am getting more and more men who learned toxic Game, redpill Game or whatever they learned from a female with horrible results. 

Chances are, you have learned some of that yourself and you don’t even know where or why you’re screwing up!

You don’t want to look back on this opportunity, and regret it. The next time you make a mistake with dating, sex or making a woman submissive you’re going to come back to this moment and beat yourself up over it.

Remember, whatever problem you have CAN be figured out. As long as you have an open mind and can take healthy criticism.

But you know what?

I don’t really need to convince you. Go ahead and 

Skip The Methods That Get Submissive Beautiful Women 

At Your Own Risk.

Look, if you’ve read this far you’ve proven a couple things to me already:

  1. Getting or “making” a beautiful submissive woman matters to you. You wouldn’t have made it all the way down here if it didn’t. Even if you skipped down to the bottom here, the fact is you cared enough to see what I had to offer.
  2. If this matters to you, you just admitted there’s a problem. I don’t know what your problem is. However, the fact that you made it here tells me the problem is big enough to address. 

So knowing that you have a problem that you don’t want to leave unaddressed…

You have 3 options…

OPTION #1: You do absolutely nothing. You continue you on with your life, watching beautiful women, never approaching them. You continue to deal with flaky dates, single moms and the scraps you find on apps. You sentence yourself to never having a submissive woman who is excited about following your lead. You get what every man who doesn’t do the work gets: 

A contentious, chaotic woman who only has sex when she feels like it. 

OPTION #2: You try implementing The Game by yourself without help. While you can usually say good things about taking something on by yourself… in this case, bravery won’t get what you want. It’s taken me almost 25 years to collect all the lessons and experiences needed to teach you The Game at THIS level. 

It would take you decades to get The Game I’ve provided in these 4 premium courses. And you will have to figure it out in an environment that isn’t exactly favorable to most men. 

Look, there’s a reason other dating coaches seek my advice when it comes to The Game. 

You’re getting the same advice I give them, but in a more streamlined way where you know with every day you’re getting closer to having the women you want in the palm of your hand. 

OPTION #3: You skip the hard work and years of frustration and do this right the first time. Look, I believe these 4 courses and all the extra bonuses is the best material money can buy. The reason being I don’t overcomplicate it. I don’t create theories or ideas because they sound cool. 

Everything I am showing you comes from direct experience. 

Hell, the only way anything made it into the course was by asking myself this question:

Is this the best, most insightful, no fluff, advice I can give on the topic based on things that have already worked for myself and other men?

Everything in there had to work - for virgins, players and everyone in between. 

If it didn’t work for guys who consider themselves short, fat, broke, awkward, inexperienced, nerdy, old or unattractive… 

I didn’t put it in my courses. 

Enough said. 

Only YOU Can Decide If Having A Submissive Girl In Your Life Is Worth It

My brother, 

Imagine for a second…

The woman YOU want completely wrapped up in your frame. She cooks for you. Cleans for you. She nurtures you when times are tough. 

She does everything to make you happy, and she enjoys doing it. 

How rare is something like that?

Today, you hardly see it.

It’s rare.

You know this, I know this.

So the question is…

Is something like that worth fighting for?

I don’t know. 

Maybe you like living a life where you’re always in a woman’s frame, following her whims, and emotions. 

Perhaps you like staying in the friend zone.

Hell, maybe you’re the type of person who looks back on his life and doesn’t see the need for great sex from women you find attractive.

I’ve heard weirder things.

But if that’s not you…

And you want everything women can offer - love, sex, connection, intimacy, servitude and more…

The opportunity to grab everything you need is right here. 

The Ultimate Ladies Man FULL STACK is the answer to all your women problems. 

In a few months time, where do you want to be?

Do you want to be more successful with women?

Do you want more sex, better sex, or sex with the right ones?

Does having power over women excite you?

Then consider getting on the waitlist for The Ultimate Ladies Man FULL STACK.

If dating, sex, and retention is a problem you need to solve for your own life, then the smart decision is to learn it fast, from people who’ve already gotten those skills - all at an affordable price.

That’s what I have for you here.

I know how fast you will change when you grab this Game.

But unfortunately, as much as I wish I could force you to change your life…

I can’t.

This is something that you need to want for yourself. 

Ultimately, the choice is yours.

Enroll Now