Three Amazing Benefits

Learn Groundbreaking Screening Techniques

You’ll learn how to screen and filter through women, allowing you to more easily find the women who have high interest for you, and throwing away the ones who just want your attention or money.

How To Eliminate Giving Off "Boyfriend Vibes"

You’ll understand the behaviors that exude boyfriend energy, and how to avoid them like the plague. Instead, you’ll be adopting behaviors that smoothly get you sex within 3 dates

Learn The Optimal Settings For Date

You’ll know “do’s” and “don’ts” of dating and the best places to take her on dates to build a connection with her and to get her addicted to your personality.

Learn To Play The Game Like James Bond

The Ultimate Ladies Man is by far the most comprehensive collection of game that I’ve ever put together. You’ll fully understand what makes a woman tick the moment you meet her with these breakthrough techniques and methods. From the initial approach to pulling down the panties, this course will walk you through the entire process step-by-step

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All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

  • Learn how to effortlessly build sexual tension and emotional connections with the women you desire.
  • Learn how to fearlessly escalate with women when back at your place. No more worrying about getting cold feet during closing time.
  • Have FREE access to two of my other courses “Attraction 101” and “Make Her Fall In Love”
  •  Learn easy-to-follow texting rules in order to be smooth in the dms.
  • Learn how to easily avoid giving off neediness and “boyfriend energy”
  • Learn proven strategies that will turn you into a player like James Bond...
  • Have lifetime access to five unique webinars with experts and mentors with a collective experience of 100+ years of seduction and game.
  • How to easily overcome shyness around incredibly attractive women, and how to know when she wants you to go in for the close.


FREE DISCUSSION SUPPORT for each module. So if you have questions for me or need more explanation, you can chat with me and other members enrolled in the course.